A PT's iPhone 6 home button and screen, now fighting fit.

iPhone 6 broken screen repair service, london, liverpool street

This customer recently moved here from another country and had been living with a broken screen and home button. The home button worked however you had to press in extremely hard, this was caused by button being split and a small nub falling away.

This iPhones chassi was bent and dented, which we managed to reshape and bend back into place. We replaced the broken screen and the home button, and her phone was ready to take on the world of fitness once again.

We offer:

  • Fast Same-Day screen repairs
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • All payment types accepted

Walk-in iPhone 6 Screen Repairs

Mail-in iPhone 6 Screen Repairs

Courier iPhone 6 Screen Repairs

Call-Out iPhone 6 Screen Repairs

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