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fast iPhone x screen repair service centre london
The crack in the top left of this iPhone X may not look like much, but looks can be deceiving. The display appears to be clear from damage. However, the touchscreen is the issue. The crack has damaged the digitizer leaving the customer without full use it the screen.
With all iPhone X screen replacements, the entire display is replaced. You cannot only replace the glass/touch/OLED.

The iPhone X doesn't use a fingerprint reader to unlock anymore; it uses Face ID to unlock the device. Like the touch ID function, the Face ID module is bound to the hardware, and replacing/damaging the Face ID camera means this feature will cease to function. With the iPhone X screen repair, we transfer the cameras and earpiece over to the Replacement display. This iPhone X is reunited with its owner after we test the screen and touch function.

Square Repair can help fix your device in 2019:

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