Get your iPad Air Repaired today

get your iPad air 2 screen repaired today

This iPad was dropped on its corner smashing the glass, the touch still worked however the cracks were indeed spreading. The iPad air 2 is not like other iPads  as the touchscreen and LCD display are bonded together. So when it comes to replacing the display the whole display unit is replaced.

The corner on this iPad had to be reshaped as the new display would not fit correctly and we can't have that now. Once the damaged corners were sorted, we installed and tested the new display and it was ready for collection.

We offer:

  • Fast same-day repairs
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • All payment types accepted


Walk-in iPad Air 2 Screen Repairs

Mail-in iPad Air 2 Screen Repairs

Courier iPad Air 2 Screen Repairs

Call-Out iPad Air 2 Screen Repairs


If you need to get your device repaired, contact us today!

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