Google Pixel 3A XL Broken Screen Repair

Broken Screen Repair Pixel 3A XL Repair

google pixel 3a xl screen repair service centre london
The screen of the Pixel 3A XL had been dropped, damaging the display and touchscreen in the process. The Pixel 3A XL features an OLED display which functions differently to the older LCDs. A small amount of damage can render the screen useless. To fix this broken display, we will need to replace it with a brand new one.
We power off the unit and remove the broken display. We install and test the new screen. Once the testing is complete, the Pixel 3A Xl repair is complete, and the handset is ready for collection.
Square Repair can help fix your broken Pixel 3A XL in 2020:

Fast same-day repairs
Water Damage Repair
1 Year Warranty
All payment types accepted
Business Repair Services

Walk-in Google Pixel 3A XL Screen Repair Services
Courier Google Pixel 3A XL Screen Repair Services
Mail-in Google Pixel 3A XL Screen Repair Services

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