How do I stop my Facebook notifications when friends update their status?

Android Facebook Notifications

Square Repair London has the answer!

Facebook is a great tool for keeping in-touch with friends and following your favourite brands of course. View our Facebook page.

However, I have been receiving more and more notifications on my smartphone (Oneplus 2) about when my friends update their status.

I have a way of stopping these notifications which has made my phone much more useable. Get in touch today.

Step-by-step guide from Square Repair

These steps listed below are for android devices only.  

  1. Press the three bars to the right of the globe, and select "Account Settings":
    turn off facebook notifications android
  2. You need to then select the "Notifications":
    turn off facebook notifications android
  3. You will need to then select under "How You Get Notifications" the "Mobile" option:
    how to turn off facebook notifications android
  4. Lastly, you will be shown a list of recent Facebook notifications, some are link shares, event invitations and more. When you click on the type of Facebook notification you do not wish to see, the update changes to notify you that this type of update will no longer be shown.

    how to turn off facebook notifications android

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Hopefully this will help you to having a more productive, Facebook notification free day.

If you need more advice regarding your device, please contact our team.

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