How do I stop getting Facebook notifications when random friends update their status?

Android Facebook Notifications

Facebook is a great tool for keeping in-touch with friends and following your favourite brands of course. But recently I have noticed random Facebook notifications popping up on my Oneplus 2 on the Facebook app about when people share a link or update their status. This is becoming more frustrating and is forcing me to cull my friend list, until now.

As I use an android phone these steps are to show you how to turn off Facebook notifications are for you guys and I will add one for IOS later.

  1. Press the three bars to the right of the globe, and select "Account Settings":
    turn off facebook notifications android
  2. You need to then select the "Notifications":
    turn off facebook notifications android
  3. You will need to then select under "How You Get Notifications" the "Mobile" option:
    how to turn off facebook notifications android
  4. Lastly, you will be shown a list of recent Facebook notifications, some are link shares, event invitations and more. When you click on the type of Facebook notification you do not wish to see, the update changes to notify you that this type of update will no longer be shown.

    how to turn off facebook notifications android

Some people have decided that:

  1. Deleting the Facebook app is the only way they can find some peace and quiet.
  2. Throwing their phone on the floor, which will more than likely lead to smashing your screen, then you will need to contact us to repair your broken screen.

Also as a note, receiving Facebook notifications can impact your data allowance (if you have one that is) so be vigilant of becoming too popular on social media as it can cost you.

Hopefully this will help you to having a more productive, Facebook notification free day.

If you have any other useful tips, let us know.

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