how much is a Samsung Galaxy S8 screen repair?

samsung s8 smashed screen fix london

After taking this S8 to a local phone shop, the customer was informed that it was beyond repair. When the "Unrepairable" handset was handed back to the customer, the display now had a gold ring, which was not there when it was handed in.

Back in the UK, the customer brought it to Square Repair in hopes we could repair their phone. This gold halo on the OLED is something that can occur when the handset gets too hot (over 150-200 degrees too hot). The good news was the handset still powers-on and exhibited some background activity.

After checking the phone over, we only found a couple of broken items that are easily replaced. Once the display and other faulty components were replaced, the handset was tested. Once complete, the handset was closed up and was ready for collection.

 Square Repair can help fix your stuff in 2018:

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