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HTC 10 Battery replacement service london

You are replacing your HTC 10 battery to fix miserable battery life. Phones these days most significant battery drain is its most prominent feature, their screens. To get the best experience out of your phone, the last thing you want to worry about is battery life. Below are some options to help extend the battery life of your handset.

  • Update your handset's firmware: It always advised to update your handset when there is a new update (i usually leave it a week or two as a rule of thumb). Updates typically include bug fixes and performance updates, which should help improve the performance of your HTC 10. You can check for updates in Settings under About, and Software Information would tell you if you have an update waiting or not.
  • Check which Apps syncing in the background: If you have a Google account on your HTC 10, you will more than likely be syncing the entire suite of Apps that Google has to offer. To manage this and the other apps, you will need to go to Settings and open Accounts, here you can see the app you that are currently being synced. You have the power to turn off the sync option for most apps on your HTC 10, which means the apps unchecked will update when they are opened. If you want to turn off Sync quickly, pull down the Quick Settings menu and tap the Sync Button.
  • Use the Greenify App: helps your HTC 10 to optimise its memory and application function to save as much power as possible. Downloading and installing Greenify should make a positive difference to your HTC 10 experience.
  • Lower the display brightness: This tip you can apply to any device with a display, the brighter the screen, the more power it will use, simple. Auto brightness can also increase the drain on your battery, as your phone will be using additional functionality to measure the ambient daylight and actively adjusting the brightness. If you find your display challenging to see in sunlight, turning up the light will help, but remember to reduce it when you are finished.
  • Select the Power Saving Mode: Besides the display, the next significant drain on your HTC 10 battery will be background processes. Most apps have these to keep them up to date and snappy to react; these apps will also use the phone's data. Enabling Power Saving Mode will give you the ability to limit the amount of data used and in turn, reducing the power consumption of your phone.
  • Factory Reset your handset: This is the ultimate refresh, this almost always fixes a misbehaving phone and should solve most problems. Before your Factory reset your HTC 10, make sure you backup the apps and data you wish to use in the future. With a factory reset, all of the data on the device is wiped and can be extremely difficult to recover. To reset your HTC 10:
    Go to Settings
    1. Tap Backup and Reset and select this option
    2. You can also choose to delete the data on your external SD card
    3. Tap OK to start the erase process

If all of those fail to improve things, Square Repair is here to help replace your battery, this is a straightforward repair, and there will be no loss of data.

Square Repair can help fix your HTC 10 in 2019:

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1 Year Warranty
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Walk-in HTC 10 Battery Replacement
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If you need to get your HTC 10 repaired, contact us today!

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