Huawei P20 lite screen repair service, london

huawei p20 lite screen repair service centre london

This P20 Lite is the entry-level model of the P20 series from Huawei; it features an LCD unlike the P20 and P20 Pro models which feature an OLED display. Depending on the individual, this could be a good or a bad thing, LCDs are usually more robust and more cost-effective to produce. Often when an LCD is damaged, the handset is still usable visually, and with an OLED, it can appear dead.
With this P20 Lite, the LCD has been damaged too severely for use and now only displays lines. The phone itself is still functioning and will need a new display.

We will need to remove the rear glass cover on this P20 Lite to get into the handset, where we are then able to test a new display in the handset. Once these tests are complete, we set about removing the old damaged screen and installing the brand new one.

Once the screen repair is complete, the handset is then ready for collection.

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