iPhone 6 broken LCD screen repair service london

iPhone 6 broken lcd screen repair service london

iPhones can break in a variety of ways, with screen repairs being the most common service that customers require. When you cannot see the display, this usually can come as a shock; it rarely means the iPhone is beyond repair. Replacing the display usually will fix any screen damage, glass, and display.

To fix this iPhone 6 screen, we will need to power the device off and disconnect the battery. We then remove the old faulty display and transfer the original home button to the new screen for testing. The home button is transferred because it is bound to the hardware, meaning if you install a new home button, you will lose the touch ID function. Once testing of the new screen was successful, we close the iPhone, and it is then ready for collection.

Square Repair can help fix your iPhone 6 in 2019:

Fast same-day repairs
Business Services
1 Year Warranty
All payment types accepted

Walk-in iPhone 6 LCD Screen Repairs
Mail-in iPhone 6 LCD Screen Repairs
Courier iPhone 6 LCD Screen Repairs

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