iPhone 6 WiFI issue repair service

iPhone 6 WiFI Repair Service London
 This iPhone 6 was brought into us exhibiting very a very weak WiFi signal and more importantly, EarPods would not connect. As the WiFi and Bluetooth antennas are linked this was the first place we looked.

This WiFi repair involves stripping the iPhone 6 down, as the antenna is on the underside of the main board. The antenna was indeed damaged and needed to be replaced. We tested the WiFi and there was an instant improvement and when the customer connected the EarPods they worked a treat. Here we have another happy Square Repair customer.

Square Repair can help fix your iPhone 6 in 2018:

Fast same-day repairs
1 Year Warranty
All payment types accepted

Walk-in iPhone 6 WiFi Repairs
Mail-in iPhone 6 WiFi Repairs
Courier iPhone 6 WiFi Repairs

If you need to get your iPhone 6 repaired, contact us today!

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