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This iPhone 7 Plus features a smashed screen, the glass smashed and the LCD beneath has been damaged. When the display is damaged this badly, it can cause the touchscreen to operate without any physical input. Some may call this Ghost Touching, which can activate the screen when not being used. In this case, the passcode has been entered incorrectly by the damaged screen and caused the phone to display the message "iPhone is Disabled".

How to Avoid Getting a Disabled iPhone:

Having a disabled iPhone is annoying and inconvenient, so you'll want to do what you can to avoid it happening again. You have two options:

  • Setting a new passcode that's easier to remember. If you remember your passcode and don't have to guess it, you'll be less likely to enter the wrong passcodes that lead to a disabled iPhone.
  • Use Touch ID or Face ID, if your device offers these unlocking options. With these options enabled, you won't need to enter your passcode. Just show your face or scan your finger and your device will unlock.

We then test a new Original Screen on the 7 Plus along with the home button, which is bound to the hardware, which means that when you change the home button for a new one, the Touch ID function will cease to work. When the tests are complete, the handset is closed up, and once the "iPhone is Disabled" timer has run down, the handset is ready for use.

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