iPhone SE Broken screen repair service in london

iPhone SE broken screen repair service london

This iPhone SE was dropped on its corner and the glass at the top was damaged. The touch screen was still functional the internals of the phone were exposed. Some people would use the old tape it up and go, however this was not the case. Even though this looks like the iPhone 5s this handset is slightly different and the touchscreen is one of those differences.

We removed the old display reshaped the top left corner, otherwise the new iPhone SE touchscreen would not fit. Once we fitted the new display and tested its functionality, the handset was ready for collection.

We offer:

Fast same-day repairs

1 Year Warranty

All payment types accepted


Walk-in iPhone SE Broken Screen Repairs

Mail-in iPhone SE Broken Screen Repairs

Courier iPhone SE Broken Screen Repairs

Call-Out iPhone SE Broken Screen Repairs


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