iPod Classic Battery Replacement Service

fix my iPod classic battery problems

This iPod Classic had a swollen battery which can be seen on pushing on the LCD. The swollen iPod battery meant the iPod would shut down randomly and not hold the charge for very long.

We have to open the iPod to remove the faulty swollen battery and replace it with a brand new one. As these iPods are quite old, sometimes they need cleaning, as the dust build-up can damage iPods function. As you can see in the second image, there is no more pressure behind the display and the iPod, and it should last for much longer on a single charge.

Square Repair can help fix your iPod Classic in 2019:

Fast same-day repairs
Business Services
1 Year Warranty
All payment types accepted

Walk-in iPod Classic Battery Replacement
Mail-in iPod Classic Battery Replacement
Courier iPod Classic Battery Replacement

If you need to get your device repaired, contact us today!

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