Is your iPhone 5 no longer charging?

iPhone 5 charging port repair service, london, liverpool street

Some customers have been experiencing issues with their iPhones charging intermittently. The only way to get it to charge by holing the cable at that "perfect angle". This customer as a last resort, attempted to clean the charging port on their iPhone 5 only to damage some of pins inside the port.

When we receive this handset we took one look at it a knew it needed to be replaced. Before installing the new charging port, we had to check to see if this would fix the issue (as sometimes there can be other charging issues with the handset).

This repair was just for the faulty charging port, which after installation worked like a dream. This was done while the customer waited and within 20 mins and a bit of charging the customer could continue their day with minimal interruption.

We offer:

  • Fast Same-Day Charging Port repairs
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • All payment types accepted

Walk-in iPhone 5 Charging Port Repairs

Mail-in iPhone 5 Charging Port Repairs

Courier iPhone 5 Charging Port Repairs

Call-Out iPhone 5 Charging Port Repairs

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