Nexus 5 Power issues, crashing and looping.

This Nexus 5 was brought in with the issue of "handset would not boot past the android start logo". We first at the software route by simply factory resetting the phone, this did help, however we did all of these things while the phone was plugged into the mains. When we tried testing the handset with a sim card as soon as the phone started searching the phone would power off and restart. This continued until the handset was plugged into the mains. We then decided to look deeper at this powering off issue.
Nexus 5 bloated battery
Once we got the back cover off we could see plain as day what the issue was. The battery was bloated, which will massively affect the performance of the battery. We then proceeded to replace this battery.
Nexus 5 Bloated Battery vs New battery
Here is a comparison of what the old battery looked like vs a new one.
Is your Nexus 5 performance inconsistent and is your battery only lasting a few hours after a full charge. Get it replaced today!

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