OnePlus 2 corner smashed screen repair

OnePlus 2 broken screen repair service London

The OnePlus 2 is still one of my favourite handsets. The screen real estate and battery are what made it stand out for me and was daily handset till I upgraded to the OnePlus 3T.

Anyway less about that, more about this busted OnePlus 2, this phone has a pretty sturdy metal chassi and the screen sits in a plastic frame. However a hard enough drop will reach the screen and do some damage. This OnePlus 2 touchscreen still works however the shards of glass protruding from the bottom left of the handset were genuinely dangerous.

We had to check the level of damage to the corners as this can affect repair time (the customer needed their handset back by 10:30) and the end result. Once that was all confirmed we set about removing the broken display, reshaping the damaged corner and installing the new display.

Once all tested the handset was ready for collection. 

We offer:

Fast same-day screen repairs

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