Oneplus 3 broken LCD repair service London

oneplus 3 broken screen repair service london
This customer cracked their display a number of weeks ago and continued to operate as normal. The phone was functioning perfectly until it was dropped again and the display turned purple and stopped functioning. The OLED display under the glass had been compromised and the phones display needed to be replaced.

The old display was removed and a new display was tested. We then moved the home button over and completed the repair. The phone was tested again and was then ready for collection.

Square Repair can help fix your Oneplus 3 in 2018:

Fast same-day repairs
1 Year Warranty
All payment types accepted

Walk-in Oneplus 3 smashed screen repair
Mail-in Oneplus 3 smashed screen repair
Courier Oneplus 3 smashed screen repair

If you need to get your Oneplus repaired, contact us today!

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