OnePlus 3 screen and display replacement

Oneplus 3 Broken Screen Repair - London

A returning customer brought his handset in for a Oneplus 3 express screen repair. This screen was cracked and the display underneath was also damaged. If the display was undamaged, you can still use the phone for a time however the display will have a greater chance of being damaged as the glass protecting it was unstable.

This Express Repair takes around 30 mins - 1 hour and during this repair the entire display is replaced as you cannot just replace the broken glass. One this broken screen was replaced we tested the display and the most function available.

We offer:

Fast same-day screen repairs

1 Year Warranty

All payment types accepted


Walk-in Oneplus 3 Broken Screen Repairs

Mail-in Oneplus 3 Broken Screen Repairs

Courier Oneplus 3 Broken Screen Repairs

Call-Out Oneplus 3 Broken Screen Repairs


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