Oneplus 3t Cracked Glass Repair service, London

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Oneplus 3T cracked glass screen repair, London
The OnePlus 3T is always a personal favourite as it's a phone I use on a daily basis and I don't know where I would be without Dash Charging! This OnePlus 3T was dropped and the screen smashed, luckily the display was still intact. However I am sure this smashed screen would be too kind to your fingers or face. With the OnePlus 3T you cannot just replace the glass if it becomes damaged, the whole display needs to be replaced. Depending on which model and colour you go for this will either be white or black.

The broken display is replaced with a brand new unit. The functionality is then tested and the customer is contacted to tell them it's ready for collection!

Why choose Square Repair:

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1 Year Warranty
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Walk-in OnePlus 3T screen repair
Mail-in OnePlus 3T screen repair
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