Oneplus 3T sameday screen repair service, London

Broken Screen Repair Oneplus 3T

Oneplus 3T someday screen repair service, London
The Oneplus 3T handset was my top phone of 2017, with its large display and metal housing makes it more robust than other phones on the market. However let's face it, this phone is not a tank and dropping most things on a hard surface will make an impact. This phone was dropped on its corner and the frame and the glass screen took the impact.

Unfortunately, the glass did not survive and the LCD was also damaged. The good news was that ringtones and message tones could be heard from this handset but nothing appeared on the display.

The phone was then tested with a brand new display to make sure this would fix this problem. Luckily a new screen is what this customer needed and when the phone was repaired the customer was notified.

Here is how Square Repair can help you in 2018:

Fast same-day repairs
1 Year Warranty
All payment types accepted

Walk-in Oneplus 3T Broken Display Repairs
Mail-in Oneplus 3T Broken Display Repairs
Courier Oneplus 3T Broken Display Repairs
Call-Out Oneplus 3T Broken Display Repairs

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