Replacing the Headphone Jack of your iPhone or iPod device

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Reliable Headphone Jack Repairs from Square Repair

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A broken or faulty headphone jack can cause a lot of problems for your Apple device. There are numerous sound issues that can be caused if the headphone jack of your iPhone or iPod isn’t functioning as it should; however, Square Repair is here to help you.

 “There can be various issues as to why your headphone jack is faulty. It can be caused by water damage or a build-up of dust.”

 Square Repair is fully-qualified to correctly carry out the necessary repairs to your iPhone or iPod device without causing further damage to it. Book an appointment with us today.

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 For the last seven years, Square Repair has helped repair over 70,000 devices right from our London Liverpool Street Station branch. We’re highly experienced and qualified to carry out repairs for your iPod and iPhone device. Find out more about our guarantees.

 What can I do to fix my iPod or iPhone Headphone Jack?

 There a few quick fixes we recommend that you can try out before visiting us. Sound issues can be caused by a few things. You could try to:

  •  Check for any sort of debris or damage in and around the headphone jack. Carefully check the headphone jack of your iPhone or iPod and gently brush it clean.
  •  Check the current condition of your headphones. If you can, try using another pair of working headphones and see if the problems continue or are fixed.

 At Square Repair, we take great pride in fixing your iPod or iPhone device. Our passionate team enjoy carrying out dependable repairs for your device. Find out more about us.

 From our London Liverpool Street station branch, we’ve helped countless people. We’re proud of the reviews that they’ve left us, and it’s why we continue carrying out our repairs with only high-quality, long-lasting parts. 

 For further questions about our iPod and iPhone headphone jack or any other repairs, contact us today.

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