Samsung Galaxy S8 screen repair near me

samsung galaxy s8 screen repair near me - 2019

This Galaxy S8 was left on an active pizza oven that damaged the screen and this is what happens when a phone gets extremely hot. The OLED display on this s8 had been truly cooked. The user was concerned as to if the handset could be repaired at all, after a quick test the answer was yes.

We removed the back cover and proceeded to transfer the battery, board and small parts from the damaged display to the new one. The original display part for the Galaxy S8 comes complete with the metal frame surround. The new screen is then tested, and the repair is completed. 

Square Repair can help fix your Galaxy S8 in 2019:

Fast same-day repairs
Business Services
1 Year Warranty
All payment types accepted

Walk-in Samsung Galaxy S8 screen Repairs
Mail-in Samsung Galaxy S8 screen Repairs
Courier Samsung Galaxy S8 screen Repairs

If you need to get your s8 repaired, contact us today!

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