Swollen iPad 3 battery replacement service

Swollen iPad 3 battery replacement service, london

Swollen iPad 3 battery replacement service, london

This iPad was brought in with issues of cutting out while watching videos and the Touchscreen was coming away from the unit. It was immediately evident that the battery was causing the issues. An oily mark was found when you pressed on the Touchscreen in the affected area. This was the LCD coming into contact with the Touchscreen.

The solution in this instance was to replace the damaged battery and reseal the unit. When the iPad was opened, it was clear one of the cells had to swell and leaked on the underside of the LCD. If left the chemicals from the battery would cause permanent damage to the display. The old battery was removed and the adhesive for the touchscreen had to be replaced as it had perished.

The iPad was sealed and was ready for the customer to collect.

Square Repair can help fix your iPad 3 in 2018:

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