The Cost of an iPhone Battery Replacement in London

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How much does it Cost to replace an iPhone Battery?

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 At Square Repair, we’ve managed to repair over 70,000 units in the last seven years. From our Liverpool Street station branch, Square Repair has been responsible for fixing thousands of iPhones yearly.

 “Our iPhone battery replacement is an ideal and dependable solution if you’ve noticed that your iPhone battery is affecting your devices’ performance.”

 If you’re looking for an iPhone battery replacement in London, then Square Repair is here to help you. How do you know if your iPhone battery needs replacing? Common indications include:

 Your iPhone is constantly overheating. If you’ve left your iPhone on charge without using it or it gradually becomes too hot to handle, you may need to replace the battery.

  • Your iPhone continues to shut down unexpectedly. A common indication that your iPhone battery may need replacing is that the device shuts itself down despite having a considerable amount of charge left.
  • iPhone 6 and later devices are being throttled. Apple has confirmed that recent IOS updates slow down the performance of devices due to the state of the battery.

 If you’re currently experiencing any of these problems with your iPhone, contact us today or book an appointment with us at our Central London branch. 

 Our express service means that your device could be fully repaired within 30 minutes.

 How do I check the health of my iPhone Battery?

 If your iPhone currently supports IOS 11.3 or later, you can quickly check the current health of your battery. However, if you’re concerned about your device and you cannot check your battery health, you can arrange a diagnosis service with our trained and highly-experienced technician.

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You can check the current state of your iPhone battery with the Battery Health feature by completing the following steps:

 1) Unlock your device and open up settings.

2) Scroll down and choose ‘Battery’

3) Tap on ‘Battery Health’

4) You’ll be given an overview of your battery’s maximum capacity and its peak performance.

 For more information on how Square Repair can help you from our London Liverpool Street station branch, contact us today. We’re proud of the hundreds of testimonials left by previous customers. You can check those out here.

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