Victim of a Smashed screen for a LG G5 owner

LG G5 cracked screen repair london
This smashed screen was the result of a botched robbery attempt. The customer had their phone snatched by a butterfingered thief-on-wheels who fortunately dropped the phone as they rode away. As shook up as the customer was, they only were left with a smashed screen.

We assured them their phone was in better hands and we quickly swapped out the offending article. After the new display was tested we let the customer know their smashed LG g5 was repaired and ready for collection.

At Square Repair we offer:

Fast same-day repairs
1 Year Warranty
All payment types accepted

Walk-In LG G5 screen repair
Call-Out LG G5 screen repair
Mail-In Xperia LG G5 screen repair
Courier Xperia LG G5 screen repair

We repair more than just LG G5's so if you need us get in touch.

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