When the Nexus 6P meets the pavement

Nexus 6p broken screen repair, london, liverpool street

This sturdy offering from Huawei was dropped in which a screen replacement. This customer confessed her had been using his handset for a number of weeks with the screen cracked. Alot of customers do this, however when the screen is cracked it can expose the LCD and digitiser to the elements. In this instance, the customer noticed areas of the screen were begining to become unresponsive.

We proceeded to replace his smashed screen with a brand new one and he was again ready to take on the world.

We offer:

  • Fast Same-Day screen repairs
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • All payment types accepted

Walk-in Nexus 6P Screen Repairs

Mail-in Nexus 6P Screen Repairs

Courier Nexus 6P Repairs

Call-Out Nexus 6P Repairs

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