Xperia Z5 Compact battery Replacement

Battery Replacement xperia z5 compact

xperia z5 compact battery replacement service london

This customer contacted us because their Z5 Compact back glass cover was coming away from the phone. A swollen battery is something that can happen when the battery is old or becomes damaged. In this case, the batter had started to swell, and this is what caused the rear cover to protrude. Battery swell can happen to most phones; we would not advise trying to secure the back cover by applying pressure, as this can damage the back cover or even the screen.

When replacing the battery on this handset, we remove the back cover and remove the faulty battery. We then install and test the new replacement battery, and once testing is complete, we close the handset up, and it's then ready for collection.

Square Repair can help fix your Xperia Z5 Compact battery issues in 2019:

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