Huawei MacBook (KIDDING) Matebook X, E, D hands-on + Banana Pancakes Recipe


We get our hands on the MacBook Air-like Huawei Matebook X, the Matebook E, the Matebook D and we make some whole wheat banana pancakes 

Each new Matebook hits a different segment of the Windows market, with the Matebook X looking like a sleek MacBook or Zen Book. Meanwhile, the Matebook E is the true successor to the original Matebook, this time with a revised keyboard cover and hinge, as well as souped up specs. It's also the only tablet of the bunch. Meanwhile, the biggest Matebook, the Matebook D is the powerhouse, intended for business use. It's a 15.6-incher with up to 16GB RAm. All three run Windows 10 and will be available across the US and in China later this year.

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