iOS 11 GM reveals some OLED optimised wallpapers for the new iPhone X

iOS 11 iPhone X

iOS 11 GM wallpaper for new iphone

The iOS 11 GM firmware, which should be pushed next week to developers, includes several brand new wallpapers, three exclusive to the upcoming iPhone, including seven sure-to-be-popular retro-styled versions and an all-black wallpaper fit for OLED displays. These are dubbed iPhone X-friendly wallpapers as they highlight the phone’s rumoured OLED screen technology. This eclipses current LCDs in producing darker blacks thanks to its ability to light individual pixels rather than the entire phone’s display. That means the predominantly black wallpapers draw less power than their brightly coloured counterparts, which translates to an increase in battery life.

In all, there are 16 new still wallpapers available on the iPhone 7 Plus. Wallpapers include several renditions of the Apple six colour retro logo, along with six new flower wallpapers, and three new space wallpapers.

Download iOS 11 iPhone  wallpapers here:

Download iOS 11 iPad wallpapers here:

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