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The battle of the flagships continues, with the Oneplus 3T and iPhone 7 Plus. Oneplus set itself apart from other handset manufacturers when it launched the Oneplus One, with the only way of purchasing the device being by invite only.

This was a two-pronged approach which acted as a great marketing tool and allowed the fledgling company to better manage the demand for its devices. Oneplus now has a solid following, which has recently been cemented by its partnership with O2. This will allow customers to buy its handsets via a contract or outright at a slightly higher cost than from the Oneplus Website.

But how does it stack up to the king of the flagship market, the iPhone 7 Plus? Let's investigate.



The Oneplus 3 currently sports an impressive 3000mAh capacity, which will give you more than a full day's heavy usage. With the 3T we now have a 13% increase to 3400mAh, coupled with Dash Charge running out of juice should be a thing of the past.

During various endurance tests the battery performance on the Oneplus 3 consistently beats the iPhone 7 Plus.

Fast Charging


Apple currently does not have fast charging; you may find using the iPad 10W charger may even charge your iPhone 7 Plus a little bit faster.

The Oneplus 3T features Dash Charging, which allows you to charge your device from 0-60% in just 30 mins. This kind of speed puts Oneplus out in front in the charging race; this speed is even maintained whilst playing games, streaming content and using GPS applications.

Starting Price (manufacturers' retail GBP)

oneplus-3t-iphone-7-plus-comparison-priceOneplus 3T's starting price is just over half the price of the iPhone 7 Plus, which to the price-conscious will be the real selling point. If you are looking for value for money then the Oneplus 3T will be the handset for you.

Release Date


The iPhone is already available to buy now from the Apple website and on contract with most retailers.

The Oneplus 3T has an early launch at the O2 store Oxford Street on the 24th of November 2016, and its official UK release date is 28th November 2016, where you can purchase the handset from the Oneplus website.



If you are in the UK you should not have any connectivity issues with the Oneplus 3T. And while we're at it -- did I mention that it was a Dual Sim handset? Ideal for travellers or combined business and personal uses.

Operating system


The Oneplus 3T will launch with its customised version of Android Nougat, dubbed Oxygen OS. The iPhone 7 Plus ships with iOS 10.

Virtual Assistant


The Oneplus 3T relies on Google Now, unlike the newer Google Pixel phones, which ship with an upgraded version. 

The iPhone 7 Plus ships with Siri.

Mobile Payments


Both phones have their own payment facilities:

Oneplus 3T  - Android Pay

iPhone 7 Plus - Apple Pay

Fingerprint Sensor / Home Button


Oneplus 3T has the fastest unlock speed with the screen at sleep; this button is a touch-based capacitive one.

The iPhone is slightly slower, but this is barely noticeable. This model features a new solid-state style button, which pretends to click, and you can customise the level of haptic feedback in the settings.




When talking about numbers, the Oneplus 3T wins ever so slightly. However, as these handsets run different operating systems, those numbers are irrelevant. Each handset should feature smooth uninterrupted transitions between apps, streaming and browsing the web.



The iPhone rarely has issues when running a fistful of apps, which is an improvement on previous handsets and iOS versions. The Oneplus does feature double the RAM of the iPhone, which effectively means it can run more apps without experiencing drops in performance.

Internal and External Storage


Neither of these handsets have the ability to expand the onboard capacity, so purchase wisely.

The iPhone 7 Plus memory capacity goes up to a whopping 256GB (that's quite a lot to backup). The glossy jet black version only comes in the larger 128GB and 256GB capacity (and a price tag to match).

Display Size


The visible display on both handsets are the same, however the Oneplus has managed to fit the same into a smaller frame.

Display type and resolution


Both handsets have the same resolution and pixel density. Oddly, the iPhone will appear different as Apple uses Retina-quality icons and other settings that make things look that little more vibrant and crisp.

The Oneplus display features an AMOLED display and the iPhone still uses the iPS technology. Both are different technologies which will in turn yield a different viewing experience.

Camera megapixels


The Oneplus 3T has megapixels for days. Not only does it have a 16 megapixel rear-facing camera, the company has also thrown one on the front too. So that means selfies should be clearer than before, and with it, a cool new feature that takes a selfie when you smile.


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