Samsung's new 8-step battery safety tests revealed

battery testing samsung

Samsung has announced its new battery safety measures, which are to improve peoples perception of the Galaxy Note 7 that came under "fire" last year. This phone has since been cancelled and according to Samsung 96% of 3 million units have been returned. The safety checks were outlined in a blog post from Samsung along with a helpful video to allow the general public to gain more insight on how Samsung are making changes.
The details of the test can be found on the graphic below:
Samsung 8-step battery safety test
Samsung also says it has formed a “battery advisory group” of external researchers and experts to make sure the company “maintains a clear and objective perspective on battery safety and innovation.”
To further drive home the point that they are really committed to change and reassuring its customers about the safety of its current and future products. 
Lets home the transparency does its job!
 Source: Samsung Newsroom

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