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iPad Air Broken Glass Screen Repair

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iPad Air Broken Glass Screen Repair – 1 year guarantee

Model codes: A1474, A1475, A1476

Accidents happen. Our iPad Air glass touch screen repair service will replace your broken glass with a brand-spanking new screen. Such a simple service.

Quality is important to our team, which is why we only use OEM touch screens for our broken glass replacements.

When it comes to your iPad we are flexible and work to your schedule and not ours. That's our geeky promise. See repair options.

For our 2 hour express service, select this option when booking your appointment for just an extra £10. Call Square Repair on 020 3206 1627.

Why choose us?

Square Repair is a personalised service – unlike other iPad repair chains you are not just a number to us. We make sure our repairs are always at the highest possible quality.

We offer affordable glass replacement services ideal for everyone. View previous repairs.

When it comes to iPad repair, 93% of people asked want a more personalised service. We are that service. Square Repair cares.

A lowdown on the faults

  • Cracked Glass
  • Broken Digitiser
  • Faulty Touch
  • Dead Touch Spots
  • Ghost Touching

Just so you know:

Our warranty replacement policy means you are covered for a year after the repair. Having peace of mind for 365 days, doesn’t get much better than that. View our guarantee policy.

Contact us to let us know there is an issue with the part we installed and we will handle the rest for you. Click here.

If you are not convinced…

We have been offering an exceptional service for 7 years. But we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Read our reviews left by our many satisfied customers and book your repair now.

Read more about the iPad Air repair process

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