iPad 5 Water Damage Diagnosis Service

iPad 5 Water Damage Diagnosis Service


iPad 5 Water Damage Diagnosis in London

Model number (on the back cover): 

  • A1822 on the iPad (5th generation) Wi-Fi
  • A1823 on the iPad (5th generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular

Here at Square Repair we offer a range of different services that caters for your iPad 5's every need.

Square Repair offers a damage diagnosis service. Accidents happen and we promise that we will put our heads together to try and find a solution for you.

Water damage is the most common diagnosis. 48% of people asked have damaged suffered a water-damaged device.

What should you do?

  • Place your device in a bowl of rice over night – it does work sometimes
  • If your device is still not working we will happily take a look at it

Diagnosis 101

  • Square Repair first needs to diagnose if your water-damaged iPad can be fixed
  • The diagnosis time takes between 24-48 hours. This depends on the severity of the problem
  •  If your iPad 5 can be repaired, we will contact you with a quote
  • This will include all the issues we have found and what parts are needed to get your device up and running again

Our diagnostic service is a no obligation service, so if you do not wish to proceed with the repair we can return your device with no extra charge.

  • We will contact you when your repair is complete
  • We do not wipe your data. That is a Square Repair promise
  • There is no hidden costs
  • Pay either online or when you collect you iPad 5

Why choose us?

Square Repair is a personalised service – unlike other iPad repair chains you are not just a number to us.

Based just a stone’s throw away from London Liverpool Street station - we make sure our repairs are always at the highest possible quality. When it comes to iPad repair, 93% of people asked want a more personalised service. We are that service. Square Repair cares.

If you are not convinced…

We have been offering an exceptional service for 7 years. But we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Read our reviews left by our many satisfied customers and book your repair now.