How to save offline maps with Google Maps for Android

Living in a city as large as London means there's always something exciting and fun to experience. This can mean a heavy reliance on my Maps app (never Apple Maps). Google Maps is always being updated with new features, one of the more recent being offline maps for those moments when you don't have data or Wi-Fi.

How to save offline maps with Google Maps for Android.

  • Open the Google Maps app and search for the area you wish to have offline, or use "Find Your Location."
  • Once your desired location is in the middle of the screen, you will need to click on the three lines to the left of the search menu and then select the "Offline Areas."

google maps account image Step 1 + Step 2

  •  On the Offline Areas page, you will now need to tap the (+) icon to add your current location the list.

offline maps how to step 3 

  • You will get a warning page regarding data usage.

offline maps how to step 4

  • At this point, you can expand the area (up to a size of 1.55GB). Drag the area around if you weren't happy with the initial location
  • Tapping the Download button allows you to give this offline map a unique name. Once Saved, the download will begin.

Download this area? - Name Area? - Downloading area

Once this download has completed, you're ready to go. These offline maps will last for 30 days on your device, and after this time, you will need to repeat the process. The app will check if there have been any changes and download them if necessary.

Pinching and zooming on this offline map still works as usual, as well as being able to dictate driving directions, which is useful when abroad so you don't run up a hefty roaming bill. However, if you're using this map in offline mode, there will be no traffic information, so walking, biking, and transit directions are unavailable.

offline maps error

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