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Cracked screen? Water damage? Battery problems? We've all been there, and with so much of our daily lives dependent on our phones, it's important to know where to go if and when a problem should arise.

If you're looking for iPhone repairs, look no further than Square Repair. With expert service and unmatched convenience, we prove that getting quality phone repairs can and should be an easy and stress-free experience.

We are the top iPhone repair service center in UK, offering end-to-end services for a wide range of problems. We have years of experience and technical skill in repairing, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S and iPhone 6, 6 Plus. For any kind of problems, contact Square Repair today. We will repair your iPhone and get it back to its original glory.

Not sure what the problem is with your iPhone? We offer comprehensive iPhone diagnostic services for £15 to identify the defect and get it fixed as soon as possible.

Our iPhone Repair Services

At Square Repair, we specialise in offering dedicated services for a wide range of problems, including:

  • IPhone cracked or broken touchscreen / digitizer
  • Touch screen problems
  • Broken LCD
  • Security code reset
  • Unlocking or jail breaking Apple iPhone
  • Water or liquid damage faults
  • Problems with iPhone hardware such as speaker, microphone, and camera lens
  • Faulty home button
  • iPhone not charging properly
  • Power button not working
  • iPhone battery repair


iPhone Screen Repair/Replacement

Our phones have come a long way over the years. However, for all their advancements, they are still fragile. Even a case and screen protector can't protect the worst drops. One slip is all it takes to do serious damage to your phone screen.

Square Repair has you covered here with a number of repair services to prevent further issues, saving you time and money in the long run. For screens with broken glass or LCD damage, we offer iPhone screen repair to salvage your phone's display. We only use high quality parts to provide full iPhone screen replacement.

It's all too common for small problems to magnify if left unattended, which is why it's important to get these things taken care of sooner rather than later. Book our iPhone screen repair services to prevent worsening damage.

iPhone Battery Replacement Service

Another common problem is battery life. If you've noticed your phone losing its charge too quickly or dying when you should still have some charge remaining, you're likely in need of an iPhone battery replacement. Our expert technicians can quickly perform this service and have your phone back to you in less than an hour.

Water Damage

iPhone's are becoming increasingly resilient to physical damage, but of course, they are by no means indestructible, and accidents do happen. In addition to screen repairs, Square Repair also offers water damage service. This type of damage can often be serious, and so we can run various tests to determine what exactly the problem is and what repair work needs to be done.

Diagnosis Service

For more extensive damage, or if you're just not quite sure what repair your phone needs, a diagnosis may be necessary to get to the root of the problem and find a solution. Our repair technicians can investigate thoroughly and get back to you with a detailed description of what's going on, what repair is needed and the repair pricing, and your list of options.

Can You Repair Your iPhone Screen?

Square Repair understands how important your iPhone is to you. Nobody likes having a cracked or broken iPhone screen, and if your warranty with Apple has expired, it could potentially be a costly repair. With over 70,000 repairs carried out at our London Liverpool Street repair shop, be assured that your iPhone screen is in safe hands with us.

At Square Repair, we have a team of experienced technicians and experts that are passionate about repairing iPhones. For London commuters and tourists in the capital that need their iPhone screen repaired, we offer an express service that can have your iPhone screen replaced and repair within 30 minutes.

Same Day iPhone Screen Repair Service in London

We take great care with every repair we carry out for your iPhone. We only use high-quality parts that ensure that our repairs are long-lasting. We also offer a one-year warranty on all repairs we carry out, no matter how big and small and provide a no-obligation service before we carry out our work. Square Repair will also explain the repairs that we’ll be carrying out to you before we do so.

Our London repair shop is only a couple of minutes away from London Liverpool Street Station. All screen repairs we offer for your iPhone device can be completed the same day you drop it off to us. We believe in carrying out repairs that are convenient for you, which is why you can book an appointment with us, mail in your broken device, walk-in repair, or arrange a secure courier repair service.

If you’re unsure about the damage was done to your iPhone screen, or there’s something else wrong with it, we offer an iPhone diagnosis service. Our experts will run several tests, and within an hour, we’ll be able to identify why your iPhone may be faulty after our Diagnosis Service

Restore Your Phone Screen to its Original Form

When it comes to replacing the screen of your iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, we proudly use the highest quality of parts available.

“We believe you can either get a job done or get a job done right, and our reviews are a testament to that.”

With Square Repair, we’re determined to fix your phone screen to an incredibly high-standard and you’ll be able to depend on our services.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Your iPhone Screen?

At Square Repair, we have been responsible for fixing over 70,000 devices. With our express £10 service fee, we can carry out our repairs within half an hour, perfect for commuters around our London Liverpool Street Branch.

“Replacing iPhone screens is one of our most popular services that we carry out daily. Our expert technicians use the highest-quality parts for replacing iPhone screens.”

Popular devices such as the iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8 and the iPhone 7 Plus’ screen can be repaired for a price of £120.

Square Repair will never compromise the quality of our services and repairs. In fact, we’re proud of the feedback and reviews we receive from our customers daily.

Device Diagnosis Screen Repair Battery Replacement Other Repairs
iPhone 11 £15 £140 £60 £15 - £120
iPhone XS Max £15 £230 £70 £15 - £70
iPhone XS £15 £160 £60 £15 - £70
iPhone X £15 £150 £60 £15 - £70
iPhone XR £15 £140 £60 £15 - £70
iPhone 8 £15 £80 £40 £15 - £65
iPhone 8 Plus £15 £90 £50 £15 - £70
iPhone SE £15 £50 £35 £15 - £50
iPhone 7 £15 £80 £40 £15 - £50
iPhone 7 Plus £15 £90 £50 £15 - £75
iPhone 6 £15 £60 £30 £15 - £60
iPhone 6 Plus £15 £80 £45 £40
iPhone 6s £15 £60 £30 £40 - £50
iPhone 6s Plus £15 £80 £55 £15 - £55
iPhone 5c £15 £40 £30 £15 - £45
iPhone 5s £15 £50 £30 £40 - £50
iPhone 4 £15 £50 £30 £40 - £50
iPhone 4s £15 £55 £30 £40


Is Repairing Your Broken iPhone Cheaper Than Replacing It?

A broken iPhone is a massive inconvenience that is capable of ruining your week. At Square Repair, we’ve been responsible for repairing over 70,000 electronic units. Replacing your phone with a new device can be a costly expense, which is why we’re here to help.

“An iPhone isn’t a cheap device. A brand new iPhone can cost in excess of over £600, with the iPhone X retailed for around the £1,000 mark.”

Buying a new phone can be time-consuming too. Comparing contracts and deciding what phone you want can be tedious. Square Repair values your time. That’s why we offer an efficient drop-off service where we will repair your phone in 30 minutes.

Our highly-trained, dependable technicians are experts in isolating and highlighting iPhone problems. We offer a diagnostic report to identify what is causing your iPhone to malfunction.

Our team of dependable engineers and technicians have been operating from our London branch since 2011. When it comes to repairing a broken iPhone, we aim to save you time, offer convenience and get the job done right.

Can I Fix my Phone without Spending a Fortune?

Square Repair is located right next to London Liverpool Street and we’ve seen countless busy commuters drop their phone and crack their phone screen during peak times.

“Fortunately for you, we’re pretty experienced with fixing phone screens. In fact, in the last seven years, we’ve repaired over 70,000 units that vary from Android devices, iPhones and iPads!”

The cost to fix your phone screen isn’t as expensive as you may think. Popular devices such as an iPhone 7 cost £90 to fix.

At our London branch, we’ll always offer a one year guarantee for all the repairs we carry out.

We understand the inconvenience a phone repair can have on you. However, Square Repair offers an express repair for a discounted fee of £10. This ensures that your phone is out of action for around fifteen to thirty minutes whilst you’re on your lunch.

Is My Phone Beyond Repair?

We understand that a damaged or broken iPhone can be frustrating, especially if the problem may not seem like an easy fix. Our London Liverpool Street branch offers a wide range of repairs, including:

  • Replacing broken or cracked screens
  • Replacing underperforming batteries
  • Fixing water damaged iPhones
  • Home/Volume/Power button replacements
  • Rear and front-facing camera repairs

How Can I Request a Repair for my iPhone?

At Square Repair, we offer several convenient options to fit your schedule, no matter if you need an iPhone screen replacement, diagnostic test, etc. We offer walk-in service by appointment, courier service, and even provide 24-hour mail-in service.

How Long Do Mobile Phone Repairs Take?

We pride ourselves on providing quality repairs as fast as possible. Our standard service for repairs like screen repair and battery replacement can be completed within an hour, or for just a small £10 fee we offer express repairs which usually take only 15-30 minutes.

So whether you prefer to drop your iPhone off and pick it up later or have repairs done while you wait, we've got you covered.

My iPhone Won’t Turn On, Is It My Screen?

A broken iPhone screen doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be cracked. If the screen of your iPhone won’t turn on, despite the device being fully charged, there could be some internal problems with it.

Before seeking repair, try these five steps to restart your iPhone and see if that works.

If your phone screen won’t turn on still, Square Repair carries out a diagnosis service. This service is carried out by an expert in-house technician right in our London Liverpool Street branch.

We’ll be able to identify the fault of your device after a 24-48 hour diagnosis.

Does Square Repair Offer a Warranty?

We guarantee expert service on everything we do. You can put your mind at ease knowing that all of our repairs are covered by a one-year warranty.

Why Choose Square Repair?

Square Repair has been serving the London area for over seven years, and we've built a reputation for keeping our customers happy through quality repairs and helpful advice. You'll find that we go above and beyond by proving that you don't have to wait long or go out of your way to get quality repairs with excellent customer service.

See for yourself by checking out our reviews on Google. Our customers know that Square Repair is the best place to go for iPhone repairs.

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