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Cracked screen? Water damage? Battery problems? We've all been there, and with so much of our daily lives dependent on our phones, it's important to know where to go if and when a problem should arise. 

If you're looking for iPhone repairs, look no further than Square Repair. With expert service and unmatched convenience, we prove that getting quality phone repairs can and should be an easy and stress-free experience.


Our Services

iPhone Screen Repair/Replacement

Our phones have come a long way over the years. However, for all their advancements, they are still fragile. Even a case and screen protector can't protect the worst drops. One slip is all it takes to do serious damage to your phone screen. 

Square Repair has you covered here with a number of repair services to prevent further issues, saving you time and money in the long run. For screens with broken glass or LCD damage, we offer iPhone screen repair to salvage your phone's display. We only use high quality parts to provide full iPhone screen replacement. 

It's all too common for small problems to magnify if left unattended, which is why it's important to get these things taken care of sooner rather than later. Book our iPhone screen repair services to prevent worsening damage.

iPhone Battery Replacement Service

Another common problem is battery life. If you've noticed your phone losing its charge too quickly or dying when you should still have some charge remaining, you're likely in need of an iPhone battery replacement. Our expert technicians can quickly perform this service and have your phone back to you in less than an hour. 

Water Damage

iPhone's are becoming increasingly resilient to physical damage, but of course, they are by no means indestructible, and accidents do happen. In addition to screen repairs, Square Repair also offers water damage service. This type of damage can often be serious, and so we can run various tests to determine what exactly the problem is and what repair work needs to be done. 

Diagnosis Service

For more extensive damage, or if you're just not quite sure what repair your phone needs, a diagnosis may be necessary to get to the root of the problem and find a solution. Our repair technicians can investigate thoroughly and get back to you with a detailed description of what's going on, what repair is needed and the repair pricing, and your list of options.

iPhone Repairs Cost

Device Diagnosis Screen Repair Battery Replacement Other Repairs
iPhone 11 £15 £140 £60 £15 - £120
iPhone XS Max £15 £230 £70 £15 - £70
iPhone XS £15 £160 £60 £15 - £70
iPhone X £15 £150 £60 £15 - £70
iPhone XR £15 £140 £60 £15 - £70
iPhone 8 £15 £80 £40 £15 - £65
iPhone 8 Plus £15 £90 £50 £15 - £70
iPhone SE £15 £50 £35 £15 - £50
iPhone 7 £15 £80 £40 £15 - £50
iPhone 7 Plus £15 £90 £50 £15 - £75
iPhone 6 £15 £60 £30 £15 - £60
iPhone 6 Plus £15 £80 £45 £40
iPhone 6s £15 £60 £30 £40 - £50
iPhone 6s Plus £15 £80 £55 £15 - £55
iPhone 5c £15 £40 £30 £15 - £45
iPhone 5s £15 £50 £30 £40 - £50
iPhone 4 £15 £50 £30 £40 - £50
iPhone 4s £15 £55 £30 £40


How Can I Request a Repair for my iPhone? 

At Square Repair, we offer several convenient options to fit your schedule, no matter if you need an iPhone screen replacement, diagnostic test, etc. We offer walk-in service by appointment, courier service, and even provide 24-hour mail-in service. 

How Long Do Mobile Phone Repairs Take?

We pride ourselves on providing quality repairs as fast as possible. Our standard service for repairs like screen repair and battery replacement can be completed within an hour, or for just a small £10 fee we offer express repairs which usually take only 15-30 minutes.

So whether you prefer to drop your iPhone off and pick it up later or have repairs done while you wait, we've got you covered.

Does Square Repair Offer a Warranty?

We guarantee expert service on everything we do. You can put your mind at ease knowing that all of our repairs are covered by a one-year warranty. 

Why Choose Square Repair?

Square Repair has been serving the London area for over seven years, and we've built a reputation for keeping our customers happy through quality repairs and helpful advice. You'll find that we go above and beyond by proving that you don't have to wait long or go out of your way to get quality repairs with excellent customer service. 

See for yourself by checking out our reviews on Trustpilot. Our customers know that Square Repair is the best place to go for iPhone repairs. 

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It doesn't matter if you have small or large damage; it's always best to bring your device in right away to prevent the issue from getting worse.

Contact us today to set up a convenient appointment for your iPhone repair! We know how important your phone is, and we know how to keep it looking and performing like the day you bought it. Book a repair online today, or call us at 0203 206 1627