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Xperia XZ Series

Xperia XZ Series

How Can Square Repair Help You?

Square Repair is proud of the work we carry out at our London branch. You can read more about our testimonials here. Our repairs have helped countless Samsung Galaxy owners that have sustained broken glass or LCD screen damage.

We offer a one year guarantee (6 months for battery replacements) for all the work we carry out on your Samsung Galaxy device, no matter how big or small the repair is. We want to help restore your device to its original form without any further complications in the future.

 If your Sony Xperia device is being affected by:

  • Cracked glass
  • Lines across the display
  • Ink blotches on the display
  • The glass is coming away
  • Damaged LCD screen

Square Repair can help you. If you would like to know more about our Sony Xperia Broken Glass and LCD screen repair services, contact us today.

You can also book an appointment and visit us at our London branch. Our express services are available, meaning your device can be fully repaired and operational after half an hour.  Read more our other blog posts here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Choose Square Repair?

You can't trust your cell phone with just any fix-it shop. You want a knowledgeable team with the credentials to back it.

We know that your device is precious to you. It is why we take the utmost precaution when handling your smartphone.

At Square Repair, every technician undergoes rigorous training and testing to ensure they have the right qualifications. We also screen every applicant to ensure they have the proper credentials to work on all leading devices. 

With many satisfied customers, Square Repair is your trusted source for mending your smartphone. 

How Long Does It Take to Fix My Phone?

We understand that you don't want to wait weeks to get your mobile phone back when you need a Xperia screen repair. It's why, when you walk in, most Sony screen replacements and other fixes can take as little as 60 minutes. There's no need to drop off your device and wait to pick it back up. 

Do You Offer Customer Support after Fixing My Phone?

Yes! After getting a Sony phone fixed by our technicians, we are pleased to offer ongoing customer support. If another problem arises with your device, you can bring it back to the store, and we will fully handle the situation. 

Book a Repair 

Our experts can have your Sony screen replacement or other issue resolved in no time. When you need a fast Samsung phone repair, you can rely on us.

Book a repair today with our skilled technicians!

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