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Cracked Screen? Looking for iPad Repair Services? We Do Screen Replacement, Repairs and all other fixes on all iPhone and iPad models. Be sure with Square Repair, the best screen fixers in the UK.

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Using a damaged everyday iPad isn't worth it. At Square Repair, we offer repairs for your devices and them back to you fast!

Whether you're looking for an iPad screen repair, battery replacement, or water damage solution, we can help. Square Repair's experienced team of professionals will meet your damaged device's needs. 

But don't just take our word for it. We are an iTechnician approved vendor. Named London's best smartphone repairer with excellent reviews, you can rest easy knowing that you are in safe hands when it comes to iPad repairs.

Top Reasons Why Your iPad Won’t Turn On

If your iPad device won’t turn on, there could be a few reasons why this is happening to it. Square Repair has three common reasons why devices we’ve seen aren’t functioning correctly.

Liquid has caused external damage

Like every other handheld device and tablet, your iPad can be susceptible to water damage. Water can get into your iPad, especially through the charging port.

This may lead to its internal systems being damaged. Call us on 020 7417 1737 and we can arrange a water damage test.

Have you got a faulty charger?

Whenever a device won’t charge, a common reason could be that the charger is faulty. If you’re using a third-party charger or cable, they may not be as durable as an official charger.

If your iPad still isn’t charging after using another charger, there may be a problem with the charging port. You can visit us at our London Liverpool Station branch and we can run a diagnosis on the iPad.

Has it suffered any physical damage?

Dropping your iPad can cause damage in a number of ways that could affect its performance or prevent it from turning on completely.

Physical damage to your iPad can affect its internal wirings. If the screen is cracked, you can get it repaired in 30 minutes with our screen repair service. We can also run a diagnosis on your iPad to assess any internal damage.

At Square Repair, we proudly offer a one year guarantee on all repairs that we carry out, no matter how big or small they are. Call us on 020 7417 1737 to book an appointment with us or contact us here.

How Can an iPad Be Fixed?

We never outsource our iPad repairs like other stores; therefore, we can complete any repair within half an hour. We have a renowned specialised team of iPad repair practitioners that handle all our iPad repairs in-house.

At our London Liverpool Street Station branch, Square Repair has repaired over 70,000 devices that range from iPhones to iPads. Our highly-experienced team of trusted specialists are here to identify the problem of your iPad or other device and carry out the right repair for it.

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We carry out a wealth of iPad repairs, from water damage to a broken camera. With our express service, we can typically have your device up and running again within 2 hours, leaving you to shop around in the EC1 area.

At Square Repair, we recommend the ‘Three Rs’ technique to see if the device can be repaired. If your device isn’t functioning or turning on, try the following three methods:


If your screen won’t turn on, it may be due to the battery being dead. Find a working charger and plug it in. After a few hours, try and turn the device on again. Square Repair offers:


You may not know this, but you can perform a hard reset that attempts to reboot the device. To do this, you’ll have to hold down the home and the power button at the same time. Keep doing this for around 15 to 20 seconds until the Apple logo appears.

If the device doesn’t respond to the hard reset and it’s been fully charged, you can bring your iPad into our London Liverpool Street branch and one of our technicians can do a diagnosis check.


If your device is on, however, it’s not responding with your touch or there are some software issues, you can reset the device. You can do this by holding down the home and the power button at the same time until the drag button appears on the screen. Slide it and turn the iPad device off.

You should wait a few minutes before attempting to turn it back on. Square Repair offers a Diagnosis Service if your iPad isn’t performing correctly.

How Can Square Repair Help Your Cracked iPad Screen?

Square Repair can help replace your iPad screen if screen faults include:

  • Glass scratched off
  • Loss of touch functionality
  • Lines across the display
  • Cracked or scratched glass
  • Dead pixels

Our entire iPad screen and other repairs are carried out using high-quality parts. All repairs that we carry out from our London Liverpool Street branch include a one year guarantee.

Our Services

Here's just a quick look at what we provide for repairing your broken or damaged iPad:

  • iPad screen repair
  • Broken glass repair
  • LCD replacement
  • Power button/lock button replacement
  • Home button replacement
  • Battery replacements
  • Water damage
  • Charging issues
  • And more!

What Makes Square Repair Different? 

Just a quick stone's throw from Liverpool St Station, we are a premier spot for iPad screen repair. Here is what makes Square Repair special:

  • 1-Year Warranty: We guarantee you'll love our work. To show how confident we are, we offer a 1-year warranty (6 months for batteries) for our repairs.
  • We Prioritise Customers: Our customers come first. We use only quality parts, work quickly, and provide expert advice. We want all our customers to walk away not only satisfied but in love with their newly fixed iPad.
  • Excellent Reviews: If you want to know who to trust with your iPad, look no further than our customer testimonials. With excellent reviews across platforms, we know you'll love our repairs.
  • Expertise: With 7 years of experience and over 70,000 units repaired, we can confidently say we have unparalleled skills and knowledge to care for your devices. 

iPad Repair Cost

Device Diagnosis Screen Repair Battery Replacement Other Repairs
iPad 2 £15 £50 £55 £45 - £70
iPad 3 £15 £50 £55 £45 - £70
iPad 4 £15 £50 £55 £45 - £70
iPad 5 £15 £70 £55 £70
iPad 6th
£15 £100 £60 £120
iPad 7th £15 £130 £60
iPad 8th £15 £130


iPad 9th £15 £130 £60
iPad Mini £15 £70 55  £45 - £85
iPad Mini 2 £15 £70 55  85
iPad Mini 3 £15 £70 £55 £15
iPad Mini 4 £15 £150 55  £15
iPad Air 2 (2014) £15 £170 £55 £15 - £60
iPad Air (2013) £15 £70 £55 £15 - £60

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions before booking your appointment with us, check out these frequently asked questions about our services.

Can an iPad Screen Be Replaced?

At our London Liverpool Street branch, our team of expert engineers and technicians take great pride in fixing devices.

We understand the inconvenience that a cracked screen can cause for your iPad. We generally carry out our repairs in two hours but through our express service at a small fee, it can be completed within half an hour.

We’ve helped repair thousands of iPads in the last seven years. If you’re unsure about why your iPad device isn’t working, you can book an appointment with us today.

We’re an iTechnician approved centre. Depending on the model of your iPad, our same day service can cost from £70 to £170.

What If I'm Not Sure What's Wrong With My Device?

Our team of experienced smartphone repairers is trained to diagnose your iPad. You don't need to know what's wrong with it ahead of time if you're not sure - just bring it in, and we'll look at it.

Do I Have to Make an Appointment Ahead of Time?

With Square Repair, you don't need to worry about booking appointments or even coming to the office. We offer same-day walk-in services, mail-in repair services, and courier services in addition to our easy appointment booking system. So no matter where you are in the UK, we can provide you with our first in its class care. 

How Can I Mail-In My Broken Device?

Square Repair has simple and fast mail-in services for iPad screen repair. For many customers, we can offer 24-hour mail-in services. We provide repairs for customers across the UK. 

For mail-in and courier services, it's as easy as filling out our information form online. Once you get confirmation and further instructions, put it in the mail or give it to the courier. From there, rest assured that we will repair your device and have it back to you quickly. 

Repair Your Damaged IPad Today!

One bad drop on concrete or dip in the sink shouldn't be the end of your iPad. We are here to get your iPad working like new! Book an appointment now and have your newly repaired iPad back asap! 

If you’re unsure about the problems affecting your iPad, want a quote or have more questions about our iPad repair services? Contact and we can help! 

Call us at 020 7417 1737. 

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