HTC M8 battery replacement service

Battery Replacement HTC M8

HTC M8 battery replacement service
The owner of this HTC phone noticed the battery life lasting less than half a day. With the phone shutting off at random intervals, it became unusable.

Replacing HTC batteries will improve poor battery performance. It's not as straightforward as taking the back off and swapping the battery out like Nokia's of the past. But that's where Square Repair comes into play, without HTC battery replacements, we will have your battery lasting much longer in no time.
Square Repair can help fix your HTC M8 in 2018:

Fast Same-Day Repairs
1 Year Warranty
All payment types accepted

Walk-in HTC M8 Battery Replacement
Mail-in HTC M8 Battery Replacement
Courier HTC M8 Battery Replacement

If you need to get your device repaired, contact us today!

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