Oneplus 3T Repair

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Square Repair offers a range of repair services for the Oneplus 3T. Select from our express (1 hour), same-day or mail-in service for an option that suits you best.  Make an appointment here.

We will get your Oneplus 3T back to you as soon as possible.

Oneplus 3T issues that we repair are:

You will receive a 1 year warranty on your repair (6 months for battery replacements). Find out more.

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Square Repair is a phone repair shop in London. We are in a prime location for busy commuters to pop in on their way to work as we are based in Liverpool Street. Find us.

Having over 7 years of experience means we can provide the best repairs for an affordable price.

Professional, local repairs at low prices!

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If you need a service that isn't listed, please call us on 020 3206 1627 for more information.  You can contact us online too.

As well as Oneplus 3T, Square Repair also fix a range of other Oneplus models:

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