iPhone 6 Water Damage Repairs Proven Successful at Square Repair

iphone 6 water damage

iphone 6 water damage dignosis, london

Square Repair engineers successfully repaired a water damaged iPhone 6

This iPhone 6 was brought to us with water damage. The phone was unresponsive and totally unusable, which is a common result of water damage.

When our technicians opened the iPhone 6, it was clear that water was still inside the device. We removed and cleared the board, as well as drying the rest of the iPhone.

We then reassembled the device and ran various tests to certify that the iPhone was fully functioning. We offer a range of iPhone 6 repair services.

Square Repair can repair your iPhone 6 fast and for good

Square Repair conducts a full analysis of your iPhone parts to determine how we can fix your phone and give you a fast time frame. Take a look at our reviews.

Always remember just because a water damaged phone is on and working it does not mean its free from water. Charging or using a waterlogged phone for prolonged periods can cause irreversible damage.

Water damage can cause many issues

You may experience various things with a water damaged iPhone. Book your appointment.

iPhone is unresponsive

Water can either short circuit the system or corrode internal components, causing the iPhone to not respond or turn on.

iPhone 6 isn't charging

Water damage can cause significant damage to the charging port as it has exposed electrical parts and is easily corroded.

The screen is damaged

Dark spots or lines may appear underneath the glass and can lead to other complications such as an unresponsive screen.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, please contact Square Repair and book in your water damage repair service for the iPhone 6.

How Square Repair can help you in 2018:

  • Fast 30 minute repairs
  • Mail-in same day repairs
  • 1 year warranty (battery replacements are six months)
  • Located in the heart of London
  • All payment types accepted

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