Xperia Z3 Compact screen repair woes, beware of the cowboys!

When you crack the Xperia Z3 Compact display, the touchscreen functionality will also fail. However this customer noted that he had previously been in a bind and had had his phone repaired with a different repair company...
So removing the back cover is straightforward enough right? Wrong! after applying some heat the adhesive becomes tacky and your able to remove the back glass. Not in this case, the back glass was glued in place which meant it shattered! I then had to spend 10 - 15 mins removing the glue from the entire back part of the handset. 
Xperia z3 compact back cover glued in
Now onto the display itself, what a state this was in. Bearing in mind the display is held in with a special adhesive that is specially cut for this model, just like the original. Not here! lets just fill it with glue and hope for the best. I then spent 20 mins cleaning up all of this glue and wiping it down with alcohol to make sure it was clean.
xperia z3 compact lcd fail
Needless to say this extended the repair time somewhat, but we managed to get the Xperia z3 compact repaired in time. My client was able to make contact and meet his new boss!
Need us to repair your  Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Broken Glass Screen? No problem, we can get this repaired in no time at all.
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Have a great weekend folks!

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