Need to fix a cheap iPad broken screen repair?

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Every now and again I'll snap a picture of a iPad that we receive for a screen repair and share it here on the blog.  Some are normal "cracks" and bends; others are smashed up pretty good, sometimes we are surprised with how bad the previous repair was.

Customers often ask us "can you repair screens on an iPad if they are smashed", quick answer is always yes. The issue we have is when the corners of the iPad are badly damaged.

This iPad was brought to us with a simple crack in the glass screen, which is a straight forward repair. However when we removed the touch screen we found adhesive and bits of glass from the previous repair. This is never good because the old glass can scratch the colour off the back of a new touchscreen making it unsightly. In some cases the old glass can crack the new touchscreen if pressure is applied to it.

Imagine trying to hang pristine wallpaper on a dirty rough wall, thats similar to what we have here:

iPad broken Screen Repair Service London

 iPad broken Same-Day Screen Repair Service London

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When performing a proper iPad screen replacement, you need to prepare the the surface by removing the old adhesive and cleaning the surface with alcohol. The iPad frame should be smooth to the touch so the new iPad adhesive can hold properly.

iPad broken Screen Repair Service London

how much does it cost fix a ipad screen

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So if you need to get your iPad repaired by the experts choose Square Repair.

We offer various options to get your iPad screen repaired at our Liverpool Street Location:

Walk-in Repairs
Mail- in Repairs
Courier Repairs

Call us: 0203 206 1627

Address: longcroft house, 2-8 Victoria avenue, London, EC2M 4NS

Happy Repairing!

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