iPhone 6s Charger Port Repair Service Centre London

iPhone 6s Dock Charger Port Repair

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Fast and Affordable iPhone 6s Repairs - 1 Year Warranty Included

Our iPhone 6s charging port/dock repair can fix your faulty part with one that functions properly. This service can take 30 minutes if you opt for our express. After the repair has been completed, we will run our final checks and inform you that your phone is ready for collection. Contact Square Repair.

Problems faced with a faulty charging port:

  • Slow Charging
  • Can Only Charge When Cable Forced In
  • Holding Cable at Certain Angle to Charge

Our Repairs, Near Liverpool Street Station

Having fixed thousands of devices in the last 7 years, we are confident that our qualified technicians can fix any problem. Click here to view our previous repairs.

How Our Charging Port Repair Is Carried Out

We will take your phone apart and remove the faulty dock connector with a brand new one. Various tests will be run on your handset before informing you that the device is ready for collection.

Alternatively, if you opted for the mail-in service, we will send it back with next day delivery. Make your appointment.

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