Oneplus One Battery Replacement Service Centre London

Oneplus One Battery Replacement

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Our Oneplus One battery replacement service will replace your faulty battery with a brand new functioning one. We offer a Walk-In or Mail-In service to get your Oneplus One repaired.

Batteries with moderate to heavy use tend to last around 18 months and can start to bloat, after this time you may experience:

Oneplus One battery dying too fast

Oneplus One battery cuts out at 30 percent

Oneplus One battery cuts out at 40 percent

We will remove your faulty battery and install a brand new one. Once installed, we will test your handset and notify you that the repair is complete.

Quality is important to us which is why we only use OEM parts with our Oneplus One battery replacements. We back this up with our 6 months performance warranty.

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