Ahoy my iPad Air home button has sunk

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Fast, same day iPad Air home button repair in London


One of our customers brought their iPad Air to us in London as they had an issue with their home button.The home button had fallen into the device, which meant that the customer couldn't unlock their screen.

After investigating the device, it was clear what the problem was. The bracket had fallen away and the button was also broken.

Find out about our iPad Air home button repairs.


How did Square Repair fix the damaged iPad button?

To complete the repair, we had to replace the home button flex as that part could not be repaired. We also bonded the bracket to the underside of the touch screen to prevent the home button from falling back again.

Square Repair's iPad Air home button repair service costs just £45. If your iPad Air isn't working properly, contact us today for affordable repairs with a same day turnaround.


What other iPad Air services do we offer in London?

Whatever problem you face with your iPad Air, you can be sure that one of London's premier phone repair shops can help.

We offer all services from screen replacements to speaker repairs. Click here to see iPad Air repairs.

Our most popular iPad repairs in London include:

Book an appointment with Square Repair to have your iPad Air fixed for inexpensive prices and swift results.

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