The iPod Classic headphones connector plays sound in one ear only

ipod classic headphone from one ear.
This iPod is a classic indeed, as this iPod Classic is not a new model the sockets can deform. This can mean the left, right or both sides do not play any audio through the headphones. This iPod was certainly not designed to be repaired, we always check a few headphones to rule out the headphones themselves. Audio coming out of one earphone is not how music is suppose to be listened to, thats where we come in. 
ipod classic headphone from one ear.
Once we remove the iPods back cover we get to see all of the fun bits, the battery, HDD and headphone socket just to the right of it. This is the part we will be replacing.
 ipod classic headphone from one ear.
We have to disconnect the battery, headphone and mute switch flex. The iPods battery and headphone flex are held in with adhesive and heat is applied to loosen these items.
ipod classic headphone from one ear.
The new headphone flex is installed, tested and the iPod is closed.

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