Have You Broken Your Phone? Here’s What To Do Next

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A Broken Phone can ruin your week

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Our Smartphones are a part of our daily lives. Recent statistics show that four out of five UK adults own a smartphone. We’re heavily dependent on our Smartphones for news, weather updates, social media and emails.

However, if you’ve broken your smartphone, don’t panic.  Here’s what you should do next.

Assess the Damage

Just how bad is the damage? At Square Repair, we have 7 years experience repairing broken iPhone screens to replacing the battery of a Samsung Galaxy S7. Evaluate the damage of your phone and how potentially destructive it may be.


Before taking any further steps, if you can, make sure all your files are backed up. Many of our customers that pass through Liverpool Street everyday work in the City of London, so you don’t want to lose any data that may set you back.

Can you Live with it?

What sort of damage has your phone endured? Broken screens can be highly annoying and unbearable to live with if the crack is noticeable. If the damage is internal, we strongly recommend coming to Square Repair to have this problem fixed.

Get the Right Solution to Repair it

A broken iPhone 7 screen or a damaged headphone jack on an iPod can have a constant negative impact on your life. At Square Repair, we have analysed and fixed over 70,000 electronic units such as tablets and phones.

If you’re unsure what is wrong with your phone, why don’t you book an appointment with us? We can offer you the perfect solution to get your phone or tablet up and running again. We’re located right next to Liverpool Street Station.

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