OnePlus 2 smashed glass screen repair

Same-day OnePlus 2 screen repair service London
This OnePlus 2 has been dropped and although the chassis took some of the impact the screen paid the ultimate price. Replacing the OnePlus 2 display is a pretty straightforward repair with the appropriate knowledge. The old display need to be carefully removed along with the old adhesive and cleaned ready for the new replacement.

A cracked OnePlus display usually will mean that some of not all touch function will be affected. Fear not, this is just the design and the touch functionality is embedded in the glass, the same happens with the Sony Xperia series.
We test a new display in this OnePlus 2 and when everything checks out we proceed with completing the repair and the customer is contacted.
At Square Repair we offer:

Fast same-day repairs
1 Year Warranty
All payment types accepted

Walk-in OnePlus 2 screen repairs
Mail-in OnePlus 2 screen repairs
Courier OnePlus 2 screen repairs

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