Huawei P9 Battery Repair Service Centre London

Huawei P9 Battery Replacement

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Fast Huawei P9 Battery Replacements in London

Our Huawei P9 battery replacement service will replace your faulty battery with a brand new functioning one for just £45 Click here to make an appointment.

After your new battery has been fitted, we will run various tests to ensure everything is working properly.

All new batteries fitted onto devices have a 6 month performance warranty. So, if you are faced with any issues, get in contact with us and we will handle everything for you. Click here for more.

You may be experiencing:

  • Huawei P9 battery dying too fast
  • Battery dying at 20%
  • Huawei P9 battery dying at 30%
  • Battery dying at 40%

Your Repair Options

  • Same day
  • Walk in
  • Mail in
  • Appointment

When it comes to having your Huawei P9 fixed, Square Repair in London is completely flexible. We create times suitable for you. Call us on 020 3206 1627.

Once your new battery has been installed, we will test your Huawei P9 and notify you that the repair is complete.

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