Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite LCD and Touch Screen Repair

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite LCD and Touch Screen Repair

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Same Day Samsung Note10 Lite Screen Repair Service

Have your Samsung Note10 Lite repaired while you wait with one year warranty

Our Samsung Note10 Lite screen repair service will replace your broken display with a new Original Screen for £200. We offer a Walk-In, Courier and Mail-In service to get your Samsung Note10 Lite repaired quickly and efficiently. Contact us here.

Faults where you need a repair service include:

  • Cracked screen
  • Ink blotches
  • Lines across/down the display
  • Problems with touch functionality

All of the above is repaired with our expert team.

Here's how we repair your phone

We will remove your damaged display and install a brand new screen in just 2 hours! For fast repairs in London, call 020 3206 1627.

Once our final checks have taken place to ensure everything is working as it should, we will notify you that your Samsung Note10 Lite is ready for collection at EC2M 4NS.

Having the best smartphone repairs in London is essential to us which is why we only use OEM displays with our Samsung Note10 Lite screen repairs. Make an appointment.

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